Transferor Pass Production System RFID Training Module

Belimbing, January 22, 2014 - Forest Management Unit Forestry Department of State Pahang (JPNP) has collaborated with Section Forest Management Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia (JPSM) held a Training Hands-On Module Production Pas mover in the Central Inspection Forest (BPH) For Project replicate Radio Systems frequency Identification (RFID) In ​​the State of Pahang. The training was held at the Training Center for Forest Development (PLPH) in Belimbing, the Maran targeting the staff of the Forest Management Unit and the staff on duty in BPH as well as the Information Technology Unit. Participants are trained to use the RFID system to make the production and supply of Pas Shifters Summary Report. This exercise is the advanced training to the Hands-On Module Marking of trees that have been held in June 2013.

Rows of speaker of the Forest Management Section JPSM has been led by Mr. Mohd Shahril Nizam bin Mat Ali, Assistant Director of Inland Forest Management I. A total of 40 participants have attended two days of training which ended on January 23, 2014. The head PLPH, Mr Nazri bin Husin Council has endorsed Completion courses at 12.30 noon the same day as well as providing a certificate of participation to the participants and delivery of souvenirs to the teachers. Participants disperse 2:00 pm.

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