Replanting Chini Forest Reserve Program

Bera, May 18, 2014 - Tree Planting Program was held in the compartment 75, Forest Chini, Bera and is one of the Pahang Forestry Department in collaboration with the Office of Ahi Bera and Protector Khazanah Alam Malaysia (PEKA) organization  to preserve and conserve the treasures nature from further explored and developed. The program involves volunteers from the Sri Cempaka International School students, three secondary schools in Bera, soldiers of Battalion 7, Kem Batu 5, Mentakab and also the local community.

Planting program covers an area of ​​Approximately 15 hectares involving 5,000 young forest trees of various species such as Hopea Odorata (Merawan Siput jantan), Shorea Leprosula (Meranti Tembaga), Shorea Roxburghii (Meranti Temak Nipis), Dipterocarpus Grandiflorus (Keruing Belimbing), Dipterocarpus Cornufus (Keruing Gombang), Aquilaria Malaccensis (Karas) and the fruit trees are rare Kepayang, Durian and Mouth. The program is expected to produce a sense of responsibility and awareness to the community, especially local residents and indigenous peoples about the role and importance of forests in their daily life and their role so that the exploration and aggression Permanent Forest Reserve could be totally avoided.

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