Flood Disaster in Pahang State

Kuantan, December 31, 2014 - As of this writing, almost all regions in Pahang have been hit by floods since over a week ago. The flood disaster has cause many civil servants can not be present on duty as a result of residential flooding, stranded in transit and also stranded at the location of each residence because many roads are closed.

For the present case can not be present on duty due to generalized emergency like this, civil servants can get a confirmation general emergency events of the following causes:

a) Employees of Regional or Headman,
b) Police Station,
c) Ministry of Information,
d) The Department of Social Welfare,
e) Broadcast media.

Head of the Department may consider and certify the following confirmation and officials involved can be given permission not to attend work due to general emergency. Once an employee is absent again, they must submit a certificate in Appendix A of the Service Circular. 1, 1986 - Regulation Authorizations Not Going To Work cause General Emergency. This certificate must be approved by the Department Chair respectively.

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