Incident Prevention and Control of Forest Fires In Peninsular Malaysia

Director General of Forestry Peninsular Malaysia (JPSM) has issued instructions to all the State Forestry Department in order to take immediate action to prevent and control forest fires in the face of hot, dry weather due to the El-Nino (weak category) until March 2015. The steps that must be taken in preparation for the incident are:

  1. Provides maps and a list of the flammable areas;
  2. Enhancing the enforcement and surveillance activities;
  3. Implement education and awareness activities effectively;
  4. Compare prepare for fires in areas of flammable;
  5. Enhancing communications network to coordinate the investigation of complaints and cases of open burning, and
  6. Perform fire fighting.

 State Forestry Department also must move the Operations Room in each department and report any incidents of forest fires that occurred in Section Field Forests and Forest Protection, JPSM. All measures and actions taken should be aligned with the six major components of the Open Burning Prevention Action Plan which has been issued by JPSM.

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