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Members of the Working Committee of Forestry Technical Training Program 2015

Forestry Technical Training Program (LTP) for coach Certificates Forestry Forest Ranger Session 2014/2016 and 2014/2015 sessions Forest Supervisor Training Institute of Forestry (FORTRAIN) will be held on March 2, 2015 until 19 April 2015 for seven weeks at Tapak Perkhemahan Hutan Simpan Lentang, Karak under the administration of the Regional Forest Office Bentong.

One committee level of the Pahang State Forestry Department has been established to ensure the LTP program run smoothly and achieve the goals that have been set. List of members of the committee are as follows:

Bil Activity Date & Period JK Work
1. Marking and License Border Measurement 5 - 9/3/2015
5 days
Bentong Regional Forest Office
2. 2. Before felling Forest Inventory (Pre-F) 10 - 14/3/2015
5 days
Forest Management Section 
3. After logging Forest Inventory (Post-F) 15 - 18/3/2015
4 days
Silviculture Affairs Section 
East Pahang Zone II
4. Enforcement and Provisioning Reports Close 21 - 22/3/2015
2 days
Enforcement Section 
West Zone Pahang
5. Treatment of Root Cutting Climbers (CL)  23 & 28/3/2015
2 days
Silvicultural Affairs Section
West Zone Pahang
6. Enforcement License Terms and Visit Factory Factory 24/3/2015
1 day
i. Industrial Section
ii. Investigation Section
iii. Regional Forest Office
large splotch
7. Running Tasks and Activities Quotation Examination Results in the Central Forest 25 - 26/3/2015
2 days
Regional Forest Office Temerloh / Bera
8. Marking Tree In Timber Tagging 29/3 - 4/4/2015
7 days
Forest Management Section
9.  Test Dendrology and Detection Wood 5 - 6/4/2015
2 days
Pahang Forestry Training Center
10. Enrichment Plant (Running Works Plant, Cleaning, Maintenance and thinning) 7/4/2015
1 day
Forest Plantation Section
11.  Site Activity Nursery 8 - 9/4/2015
2 days
Procurement Unit Ore Seed and nursery, Lentang, PHD Bentong
12.  Visits Events, Sports and Community Services  Every Weekend i.  Regional Forest Office Bentong
ii. Pahang Forestry Training Centre
13. Dinner & Closing LTP 2015 15/4/2015 Committee BLP & JPNP

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