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Hazard Tree Management Course In Recreational Forest

Temerloh, 3 September 2015 - Hazard Tree Management Course In Recreational Forest for Pahang State Forestry Department staff have been successfully carried out on 1 to 3 September 2015 held at  Recreational Forest Gunung Senyum, Temerloh. Course organized by the Pahang Forestry Training Centre was attended by 37 participants consisting of uniformed staff that the uniformed personnel of Forester and Public Assistance.

This course aims to provide exposure and understanding to the particular department staff who are directly involved with forest management in the country consolation Pahang. This course emphasizes the importance of evaluation and management of hazardous trees in the forest consolation as treatment measures of security staff and visitors trademark. During the three (3) courses, participants expressed the theory and amali by guest speakers from Section Forest Eco-Park and Garden State Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia (JPSM), Mr Razis bin Othman, Mr Muhammad Firdaus bin Khadlan and Mr Zulkifli Asmawi bin Mohamed Ameri.

With the implementation of this program, the department staff are expected to have gained knowledge and experience in managing dangerous trees in the forest consolation so as to ensure the safety of visitors when doing activities in the forest next consolation improve the quality of management of Pahang State Forestry Department.

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