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Destructive Illegal Palm Oil Operations In HSK Lepar

Lepar, August 26, 2014 -  Kuantan/Pekan/Maran District Forest Office has implemented Destructive Illegal Palm Oil Operations located in compartment 3, Hutan Simpanan Kekal (HSK) Lepar. In addition to the staff PHD Kuantan/Pekan/Maran, Pahang Zone Enforcement Unit staff as well as the Eastern Silviculture Unit helped the success of the operation. Operation led by Mr. Mohd Khairul Anuar bin Rahim as the Regional Forest Officer succession accompanied by a team of policemen from Police Station Gambang, Penghulu Mukim Lepar, Paya Bungor JKKK members and local residents. A total of approximately 60 officers have joined these operations including the team uniform.

During the operation, a total of 210 palm trees planted illegally area of 1.76 hectares has been successfully eradicated. The operations area will be restored with the project of replanting forest tree species Meranti, Keruing and Cengal. The operation went smoothly and ended at 1:00 pm.

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