Shooting Skills Training Pahang State Forestry Department

Kuantan, December 4, 2014 - Enforcement Unit Pahang State Forestry Department has successfully implemented Shooting Skill Training for senior officials and members of the department beruniform body housed in the Field Sasar Southeast Brigade Troop Movement Am (PGA), Kem Bukit Galing, Kuantan. This program received the full cooperation of the PGA who gave a briefing regarding the use and operate firearms discipline led by Mr. ASP Amin bin Sidek. Each participant also had read the pledge the use of field can serve led by Corporal Mohd Nordin bin Ahmad.

A total of approximately 80 participants have taken part in the training. The results also contested the target of every participant and team of the Forest Service land Pahang emerged as champion flocking event while Mr. Mohd. Khairul bin Abdullah, Regional Forest Officer Bentong emerged as champion in individual events. Johan for women individual events also have been achieved by Cik Azqan Dalila binti Ahmad Tajuddin, Assistant Director of Estates Forests, Kemasul.

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